Cucumber Sandwiches

cucJust had cucumber sandwiches for lunch. This delicate treat is so redolent of summer (which it is not) and the upper-classes (which I am not).

My way of making them would probably not be accepted in the refined confines of somewhere such as the Savoy, but hey ho, I make them my way.

So, firstly the bread.  Yes, it has to be white. Wholemeal or crunchy grained loaves will not do. It also has to be fairly thinly sliced – doorstop sized slices are just wrong.

Secondly, do I remove the crust?  Tradition dictates yes, I dictate no. I like the crust of bread. So, I leave it on.

Thirdly, the cucumber.  British cucumber tends to be a bit watery, so yes I do remove the seeds. Also, I always peel the skin off.  No doubt someone will point out that the skin contains lots of nutrients etc. Well, it gives me indigestion.

Fourthly, the cucumber must be sliced thinly. Cut into chunks is not acceptable – difficult to make a visually pleasing sandwich, plus the lumps will fly out as you try to bite into them.

Butter (or a decent substitute) must be applied one side of each slice of bread.

Anything else?  Well, I do add a sprinkling of salt. Some people splash on a drop of vinegar or a little pepper, but I am not keen.  As for anything else such as mayonnaise, mint– no.

After assembling, I press the sandwiches down firmly, before cutting them into fingers or quarters – easier then to cut and leaves them looking neater.

Once assembled, they are always served along with tea (hot please, none of this iced tea nonsense).  I favour something such as Early Grey or Jasmine. Coffee has to be such a no-no.

Find somewhere sunny to sit (indoors or out) and enjoy.

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